Be a Minister

Occasionally I am asked by some of you: “Pastor Dave, who is your pastor?” And though I don’t often stop to think about it, the answer is YOU ARE. At Bridges we believe that every member is a minister, and with great regularity you, the Body of Christ, love, serve, challenge, and care for me.  Do you think of yourself as a “minister”? I’m not talking about a foreign or diplomatic minister, but as a minister of the Gospel- someone who demonstrates the love of Christ to those around us.

This week we are going to encounter a lot of hurting people, desperate to be loved. On the outside they might portray that everything is okay, but on the inside they wrestle with fear, doubts, emptiness and loss. It’s not that we have our “act” together that allows us to minister to another, it’s that we have an answer in Jesus Christ that allows us to offer hope.

God wants to use you this week to minister to others. It might take the form of an encouraging word, a listening ear, an act of kindness, a generosity of time or resource… Don’t shrink from the opportunity, but rather embrace it. If we will make ourselves available to God, he will not only do a work through us, but in us.


Pr. Dave