Created to Worship the Creator

One thing I love about Brasil is the song birds. Most of the time I thoroughly enjoy hearing them, though at 4 o’clock in the morning I’m not quite so enthusiastic. One early morning last week the “concert” became so loud I was prompted to google: “why do birds sing so loud early in the morning?”. I learned that scientists call this the “dawn chorus”. They are not certain why, but birdsong during the dawn chorus is louder, longer, clearer and livelier than at any other time of day. It is theorized that because light levels are so dim, and there is little else for a bird to do at this time, it is a great opportunity for them to sing. Another scientist stated: “Singing is an essential part of bird life… Singing loud and proud first thing in the morning tells everyone within hearing distance that you were strong and healthy enough to survive the night.” It sounds to me like the birds are simply fulfilling a purpose for which they were created. They can’t help it, they were meant to sing.

One day Jesus was ordered to silence a crowd that was giving him adoration and worship. Jesus replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” (Luke 19:40 NIV) In other words, the people were doing what they were created to do. The purpose of the created is to worship the Creator. When you hear a bird singing this week, let it serve as a reminder to create your own “dawn chorus”: a prayer, song or act of love that is louder, longer, clearer and livelier than the last. We were made to worship God!


Pastor Dave