The Life Changing Names Of God#1 – “Wonderful Counselor”

Delivered by Pastor Dave Bollenbacher

Date :NOV. 29th, 2020.


Intersections: Where Life Meets Meaning.

Delivered by Pastor Dave Bollenbacher

Date :NOV. 15th, 2020.



Standing Firm In Uncertain Times #5: Faith That Sets Me Free

Delivered by Pastor Dave Bollenbacher

Date :Oct. 25th 2020.

40 Days of Good News- Conversations with Christ

Delivered by: Pastor Dave Bollenbacher

Date: February 19th

Advent- Love

Delivered by: Chike Williams

Date: December 18th

What would the world be like without moms?

We will be honoring moms this week as part of our IBC Worship Celebration, and hope you will join us. Mom’s are really somebody we should celebrate a lot more often than once a year. I watched a video this week where people were asked one question: “What would the world be like without moms?”  The answers were pretty spot on: “a disaster”, “no one would have clean underwear”, “complete chaos”, “not enough hugs”, “people aching for a bedtime story”, “a lot of babies gone wild”, and perhaps worst of all- “bread would show up at school with the crust still on it”!

No mom is perfect, but by and large, they sure make the world a better place. I wonder how we might answer this question: “What would the world be like if everyone loved like a mom?” Think of the care and compassion shown, the sacrifices made for others, the good deeds done without a need for recognition, the wisdom shared, and the encouragement given!

Whether your mom is still a part of your life or not, I want to encourage you to find a way to celebrate her. Think about one of the ways she loved well, and honor her by demonstrating that love to someone else this week. This would be a Mother’s Day gift that  could make a world of difference.

Enjoy the Journey!

Pastor Dave

Easter Celebration

IBC has a very special service planned this Sunday for Easter. Regardless of where you call “home”, or what your religious background might be, we invite you to celebrate Easter with us. The worship will include musicians from Brazil’s national symphony, and Pastor Dave will begin a series of messages entitled: New Beginnings- Discovering Life Can be Different.

Following the service IBC will be hosting a lunch for the entire church and English-speaking community. If you’re visiting we would love for you to be our guest. An Easter Egg Hunt and other activities are planned for the children as well.
(Worship Service begins at 11:00 a.m.  IBC is located in Lago Sul on Dom Bosco between Oba and the white domed Greek Orthodox Church.)

New Beginnings: Discovering Life Can Be Different

We’ve all wished at times for a fresh start, and wondered if life can ever truly be different. Starting April 20,  Pastor Dave will begin a new series of relevant teaching from the Bible entitled:  New Beginnings- Discovering Life Can be Different.

April 20: Moving on From our Failures

April 27: Power to Change Your Heart

May 4:   Forgiveness- Leaving Our Past Behind

May 11:  2nd Chances- Confronting Our Fears

May 18:  Living a Spiritually Significant Life

Valentine Dinner

Make plans to “Celebrate Love” on Valentine’s Day, Friday, February 14. IBC and friends will have dinner at Mangai Brasilia at 7:30. We have reserved a private dining room, so we will enjoy plenty of good food and good laughs. Bring your “valentine”, bring a friend, bring the not so cool guy from the office, or come by yourself. It doesn’t matter, when IBC gets together its always a good time!

40 Days of Love

Whether good or bad, we all have relationships. We are made for relationships, because we are made to love and be loved  Over the next 6 weeks IBC will focus on the Bible’s “Love Chapter”- 1 Corinthians 13.  The topics will include:

  • Love: Life’s Greatest Value             (January 26)
  • Love: Trying Patience & Kindness (February 2)
  • Love: Speaking & Living Truth      (February 9)
  • Love: Living with Forgiving            (February 16)
  • Love: Giving Life Away                   (February 23)
  • Creating a Loving Heart                  (March 2)

A great opportunity for us to be intentional about seeing our hearts and our relationships become more loving. Make plans to attend each Sunday at 11:00…it’s impossible to love alone!